Crowdsourcing local news reporting

Eventful is a tool developed during a research project at Microsoft Research. The findings from this research project are discussed below.

Eventful is a tool that makes it possible for anyone to access the service of event reporting. The reporting process is executed behind the scenes through a crowd of people working online or at the event to produce a news report.

An example user of Eventful can be a local organization who organizes events for the community but does not have the resources to cover the event themselves. The platform can enable a city council to create reports of the discussion taking place at a meeting, or a local blogger to report on events in their community that they can't attend themselves.

An Eventful user can request the coverage of an event by filling in simple details - what kind of event is it, when it is taking place, where and for how long . From there on the system uses a combination of people who will attend the event and people who are remote to capture information such as photos or interviews and aggregate them into a story.

The system generates lists of tasks for the people who will be recruited as amateur reporters. These task lists are called missions and can be assigned to different people. The requester has access to all the missions and can hand them off to people who will be at the event. We envision this process to automatically recruit workers online. This could happen by posting the tasks to a platform like TaskRabbit for paid workers, or to mailing lists, forums, or Facebook pages to recruit volunteers.

Project Publications

Crowdsourcing in the field: A case study using local crowds for event reporting
E Agapie, A Monroy-Hernandez, J Teevan
HCOMP 2015 • pdf Best Paper Award (top 1%)

Eventful: Crowdsourcing Local News Reporting
E Agapie, A Monroy-Hernandez
Collective Intelligence 2014 • pdf