Journals and Conference Papers (fully reviewed, archival)

Approaches for Tailoring Between-Session Mental Health Therapy Activities
B Oewel, P Areán, E Agapie
CHI 2024 • pdf

Understanding the Lived Experience of Collaborative Pregnancy Tracking
X Lu, JE Powell, E Agapie, Y Chen, DA Epstein
CHI 2024 • pdf

Examining the Social Aspects of Pregnancy Tracking Applications
X Lu, JE Powell, E Agapie, Y Chen, DA Epstein
PACM Human-Computer Interaction 8, CSCW • pdf

Using HCI in Cross-Disciplinary Teams: A Case Study of Academic Collaboration in HCI-Health Teams in the US Using a Team Science Perspective
E Agapie, S Haldar, S Poblete
PACM: Human-Computer Interaction 2022, 6(CSCW2) • pdf

A Longitudinal Goal Setting Model for Addressing Complex Personal Problems in Mental Health
E Agapie, P Areán, G Hsieh, SA Munson
PACM: Human-Computer Interaction 2022, 6(CSCW2) • pdf

Understanding Mental Health Apps for Youth: A Focus Group Study with Latinx Youth
E. Agapie, K. Chang, S. Patrachari, M Neary, SM. Schueller
JMIR Formative Research, 2022 • pdf

Using Priorities of Hospitalized Patients and Their Caregivers to Develop Personas
E Agapie, L Kendall, SR Mishra, S Haldar, M Khelifi, A Pollack, W Pratt
AMIA 2019 • pdfsupplemental materials

HarborBot: A Chatbot for Social Needs Screening
R Kocielnik, E Agapie, A Argyle, DT Hsieh, K Yadav, B Taira, G Hsieh
AMIA 2019 • pdf

Crowdsourcing Exercise Plans Aligned with Expert Guidelines and Everyday Constraints
E Agapie, B Chinh, L Pina, D Oviedo, M Welsh, G Hsieh, SA Munson
CHI 2018 • pdfsupplemental materialsphysical activities databasenews release

When Personal Tracking Becomes Social: Examining the Use of Instagram for Healthy Eating
CF Chung, E Agapie, J Schroeder, S Mishra, J Fogarty, SA Munson
CHI 2017 • pdf

Examining Menstrual Tracking to Inform the Design of Personal Informatics Tools
D Epstein, N Lee, J Kang, E Agapie, J Schroeder, L Pina, J Fogarty, J Kientz, SA Munson
CHI 2017 • pdf Best Paper Award (top 1%)

Staying the Course: System-Driven Lapse Management for Supporting Behavior Change
E Agapie, D Avrahami, J Marlow
CHI 2016 • pdfHonorable Mention Best Paper Award (top 5%)

PlanSourcing: Generating Behavior Change Plans with Friends and Crowds
E Agapie, L Colusso, SA Munson, G Hsieh
CSCW 2016 • pdf

Crowdsourcing in the field: A case study using local crowds for event reporting
E Agapie, A Monroy-Hernandez, J Teevan
HCOMP 2015 • pdf Best Paper Award (top 1%)

Social Cues and Interest in Reading Political News Stories
E Agapie, SA Munson
ICWSM 2015 • pdf

Leading People to Longer Queries
E Agapie, G Golovchinsky, P Qvarfordt
CHI 2013 • pdf Honorable Mention Best Paper Award (top 5%)

Looking Ahead: Query Preview in Exploratory Search
P Qvarfordt, G Golovchinsky, T Dunnigan, E Agapie
SIGIR 2013 • pdf

Workshops and Abstracts

Understanding Clinician Needs in Using an Evidence-based Psychosocial Intervention
E. Agapie, S.A. Munson, G. Hsieh, P. Arean
CHI 2020 • Workshop on Technology Ecosystems: Rethinking Resources for Mental Health • pdf

Clinician Reported Challenges in the Creation of Action Plans
E. Agapie, C. Thompson, J.G. Carr, D Ferguson, G. Hsieh, S.A. Munson, P. Arean
Society for Behavioral Medicine (SBM) 2020

Designing for the Self: Enabling People to Design Behavioral Interventions
E. Agapie
CHI 2019 • Doctoral Consortium • pdf

Human-Centered Design Charrettes for K-12 Outreach
E. Agapie, A. Davidson
Interactions, Nov-Dec 2018 • pdf

Developing an Adaptable K-12 HCI Curriculum
E Agapie, A Davidson
CHI 2018 • HCI Education Workshop • pdf

Designing Our Future Students: Introducing User Experience to Teens Through a UCD Charrette
E Rose, A Davidson, E Agapie, K Sobel
SIGDOC 2016 • Experience report

Using Personal Data to Elicit Behaviour Change Plans from Friends and Strangers
E Agapie, L Colusso, G Hsieh, SA Munson
ISRII 2016: International Society for Research on Internet Interventions • Abstract

Challenges in Local Reporting with Community Members vs Paid Workers
E Agapie, A Monroy-Hernandez
CSCW 2015 • Workshop on Information Technology and City Life

Eventful: Crowdsourcing Local News Reporting
E Agapie, A Monroy-Hernandez
Collective Intelligence 2014 • pdf

Challenges for Personal Behavior Change Research on Information Diversity
N Matias, E Agapie, C D’Ignazio, E Graeff
CHI 2014 • Workshop on Personalizing Behavior Change Technologies

Encouraging Behavior: A Foray into Persuasive Computing
E Agapie, G Golovchinky, P Qvarfordt
HCIR 2012 • Symposium in Human Computer Information Retrieval

Seeing Our Signals: Combining Location Traces and Web-based Models for Personal Discovery
E Agapie, G Chen, D Houston, E Howard, J Kim, MY Mun, A Mondschein, S Reddy, R Rosario, J Ryder, A Steiner, J Burke, D Estrin, M Hansen, M Rahimi
HotMobile 2008 • Workshop on Mobile Computing Systems and Applications